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6'5" X4 '

Plaster and handmade paper, mesh and burlap


This original paper material, sewn together is from jeans, Sunday-school books, bat-mitzvah study books, seaweed, leaves, bark, thread and maps. I sew these papers together, layer them and reveal the hidden layers, the memory of what was before.

What does it mean to be in the present? I want to reveal the memory but not the history of materials. There are memories in fibers, and history is the story that essentially covers up that memory. It is a narrative with the idea that that narrative could be objective. But there is subjectivity in each decision and moment recalled, and so the concept of a true history is a false one. I am not attempting to put the past into a context; I merely want to show that the past exists. I want the past to live as a memory, with the revelation that there was a past underneath each layer of decaying paper.

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