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Jennifer Seastone is a native New Yorker with roots in performance and visual objects. She has a BFA in experimental theater from NYU, and an MFA from City College in Digital and Interdisciplinary Arts Practice.

Seastone has shown her work at The Performance Arcade in New Zealand, in New York at The Invisible Dog and the Invisible Dog's Glass House, Uncanny Valley, Dixon Place


Artist Statement

I create by asking questions, and research through body​ and material. ​My work encourages the viewer to to interpret what it means to destroy and create​ memory. I am interested in entropy, disintegration and destruction as a site for growth and change. Many times the work has different iterations: i.e. textiles, performance around the textiles and then a different work that is created as an object documentation of the process. My work is driven by the ghosting or the invisible past ​pushing through to the present without words: creating historical context while simultaneously existing in the present. The materials speak of the existence of the shadow of the work or the third, invisible other in this one-on-one encounter​,​​ and live​s​ between the cerebral and ephemeral.​

​Recently my work has moved into wood sculpture. I create by communicating to and through the grain, carving the sculptures in the way they are revealed to me by the wood. I translate desire between my body and the grain of the materials. I use reclaimed wood from old objects - things that had "use" and are now without "purpose." The work relates to structures of oppression, power, and the systematic capitalistic desire for use and beauty.

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