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"Downtown acting star." Time Out NY

"One of three "Ones to Watch off-Broadway." - TimeOut NY


"Especially fine." - Hilton Als, The New Yorker 


"The irrepressibly adorable Jenny Seastone Stern." - Alexis Soloski, Village Voice 


"The cast is top-notch... a crew of Buster Keatons." - Rachel Saltz, The NY Times 


"Fantastic." - Helen Shaw, Timeout NY 


"Mines comic gold." - Jason Fitzgerald, Backstage 


"Downtown It girl." - David Cote, Time Out NY 


"Downtown darling ... eerie charm and pitch-perfect timing." - The New Yorker


"The always-welcome Jenny Seastone Stern." - Helen Shaw, TimeOut NY

"Scene-stealer Jenny Seastone Stern." - Benjamin Sutton, The L Magazine


"Invigorating the material, creating sharply defined characters, and generating lots of deadpan laughs." - Mitch Montgomery, Backstage 


"Dexterous acting." - Tom Sellar, Village Voice 


"Happily familiar to New York theatergoers." - Claudia La Rocco, New York Times 


"beguiling and enchanting." - This week in New York 


"Real tenderness in their mumblecore momentum." - Jason Fitzgerald, Backstage 

"Seriously skilled ... a top-flight corps de ballet’s discipline, precision and exhilarated joy in performing." - Ben Brantley, The New York Times

"Delightful...Ms. Stern’s face is wonderfully expressive; stealth and innocence manage to coexist side by side in her gaze. Her physicality is impressive; I could have watched her do yoga all

night long." - Kate Shea Kennon, Blog Critics dot org

"Remarkable." Jason Rost, Theatre is Easy


"Serious downtown talent." - cultureBytes 


"An extraordinarily game actress to whom something terrible is done in almost all of Bradshaw's New York productions." - Sam Thielman, Variety (Full Review)


"Crack deadpan comic timing." - Dan Callahan, The L Magazine 


"Convincingly dweeby, convincingly superheroish, totally lovable." - Ganymede 


"An uncanny presence that fits the show's tone perfectly... I can't wait to see her again." - The Fifth Wall 


"Jenny Seastone Stern's huge, needy eyes... pure movie magic."  - Paul Sbrizzi, Gallery Host, Co-Chair Shorts Programming, Slamdance Film Festival


"Completely transform into these male identities that it takes a long moment before one realizes that it is actually women playing these parts." - Kelly Aliano, 


"A downtown force to be reckoned with." - Elizabeth Zimmer, The Village Voice 


"Otherworldly grace." - Christopher Reardon, The Village Voice 


"Stern manages to convey...youth and intelligence...with logic and reason." - Dan Bacalzo, Theatremania 

"Required toughness yet secret fragility."  - VanLoan, 

"One can be both child and parent of one's fear and showed how to steal its thunder." - Eva Yaa Asantewaa, The Village Voice

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